Secret Invasion 8 Delayed Two Weeks

Ohhhhhhhhh, we knew we couldn’t have a ‘major event’ without at least one delay, right?

Marvel announced Tuesday that the final issue of Bendis’ Secret Invasion will be delayed by two weeks with #8 shipping on December 3rd. The reason?

“The additional pages in #8 did both Leinil and the schedule in,” explained Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. “Anybody who pored over the artwork from #7 a week ago can easily see how he and Mark Morales have been putting their all (and then some) into every page and every panel, and that effort has finally caught up with us. Hopefully, retailers and fans will forgive us these extra two weeks as we make sure that everything is in the shape it should be in for the extra-sized climax—and from there, it’ll be smooth sailing straight into DARK REIGN.”

That also means some other related tie-ins will have to be delayed as well:



– INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #8 – On-Sale 12/17

– MIGHTY AVENGERS #20 -On-Sale 12/17


Avengers movie to feature Downey Jr., Cheadle, Favreau

Iron Man....'nuff said.
Iron Man....'nuff said.

There’s no stopping this Avengers movie now! News came out this week that Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle and Jon Favreau have added The Avengers to their calendars in addition to Iron Man 2.

Here’s some additional clarification points:

-Downey’s deal was for four movies, meaning that he’ll be wearing the armor in another film after the sequel and Avengers are complete.

-Favreau is directing Iron Man 2 and will executive produce for Avengers.

-Cheadle will play James Rhodes in the sequel, Avengers and other sequels. I’m still confused as to why Terrence Howard was relieved of his duties in this role. I thought he was really good in the first film.

-Release dates are May 7, 2010 for Iron Man 2 and July 15, 2011, for Avengers.

Near Mint: Episode 005 – “Fragmented”

In an episode searching for substance, the boys talk TV, DVDs, Ultimate Fighting, and Free Beer. They even manage some comics talk despite having light weeks at the shop. Reviews and Previews include Villains United and Secret Six, Marvel Apes, Marvel Noir and more.  

In a look ahead to next episode we reveal a special guest as Adam Fleishman will join us for the debut of our new segment … The Newbie Book Report.  

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