Kick-Ass movie: already casted?

This may fall under the ‘Duh, we knew that already’ category, but in doing a look-around for some details on how many issues Kick-Ass is doing, I found some interesting information on the movie via Wikipedia that everything has already been casted…

-Dave Lizewski/Kick-Ass: Aaron Johnson (no idea who this guy is, even in looking at past movies)

-Big Daddy: Nicolas Cage (yep, he sounds familiar alright)

-Hit Girl: Chloe Moretz (no idea, but she’s like 11 or 12)

-Kaite Deauxma: Lyndsy Fonseca (no idea, but apparently she’s on Desperate Housewives)

-The Red Mist: Christopher Mintz-Plasse (one word: McLovin)

So essentially a cast of no-names with Nick Cage as the one big legimate star. Say what you will, but that guy loves comics.

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