Ep. 095 “Darwynism”

Darwyndarwyn_cookeRarely will an artist’s work meet such universal praise as the recently-departed Darwyn Cooke. The creator who gave us DC: The New Frontier and the Parker books, who reinvented Catwoman and reshaped Watchmen was beloved by us an many others. The comics community was brought low this month, by the sudden announcement of his illness and subsequent death at the age of 53.

In this episode, we pay tribute to the life and art of Darwyn Cooke with a special show dedicated solely to his work. If you loved Darwyn, join us in saying a heartfelt goodbye. If you didn’t know his work, listen and learn about one of the greatest talents of our generation and one of the greatest cartoonists who ever lived.

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Music in this episode by: The Crystals, The Mavelettes, The Drifters