Episode 011 – “DeCONpression” (Part 2)

nyccIt’s time for part II of the New York Comic Con deCONpression p’cast where your favorite heroes Ben and Josh recount the fun time they and tens of thousands of others had.

This final part focuses more on some of the running themes and storylines coming out, including:

– Marvel vs. DC booths and why it’s ESSENTIAL to give more free comics out

– How the price of comics isn’t really that high compared to other mediums…and we justify it!

– Why the relaunch of the Ultimate line doesn’t make sense to us

– The digital comics revolution and its implication for the fans and comic shop owners

…and tons more!

The most entertaining p’casts we have ever done are here!

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Comic Movie News: Heath Ledger Wins Oscar for The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger: Oscar winner.
Heath Ledger: Oscar winner.

As many believed would happen, Heath Ledger won an Academy Award Sunday night for Best Supporting Actor for his role as the Joker in The Dark Knight.

His role in one of history’s highest grossing films is now immortalized with the award. His father, mother and sister accepted on his behalf. Not to speak in cliches, but you could hear a pin drop in the room when they spoke.

It sounds weird to say congratulations to the late Ledger, but perhaps this will help convince people that they’re not just ‘comic book movies’ after all.

Ben’s away, so Josh will play!

Hi all – our own Ben Peirce is currently in London, England, for a week visiting friends and touring the great U.K. with his wife Jen. So while he’s away, I’m taking over here for the week.

– If you’re a fan of Ben’s and live in England, give him a shout out at his Twitter feed (@benpeirce), will ya? What should he do? Where should he go? What comics-related craziness can he get in? Continue reading Ben’s away, so Josh will play!

Episode 010 – “DeCONpression” (Part 1)

We’re back from the New York Comic Con and we have more to talk about than we can contain within a single episode!

In part one of our New York Comic Con debriefing, we recount the events of the weekend, taking you the listener along for the ride.  You’ll ride with us on the shuttle bus, sit next to us at the panels and hold our place in line at Artist Alley.  You’ll hear how Ben spent all of Friday standing in one place, find out what pissed off Josh enough to start a podcasting turf war and you’ll cringe as we stalk Jim McCann with a Near Mint Valentine.

You’ll even get a chance to win an autographed comic if you can tell us why Phil Jimenez’s Spider-Man wears a tiara.

All this excitement and it’s just the first half of our post-Con-versation!

In the soon-to-be released Part II, we take shots at the Marvel and DC booths, bitch about the bitching about the price of comics, we examine the implications of digital comics and comic cliques and Ben comes to grips with just how many books he’s buying.  Stay tuned, true believers!

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Episode 009 – “NY Comic Con Preview”

The New York Comic Con is finally here and we’re podcasting about it!

Updated Saturday, February 14th

It’s the eve of the New York Comic Con and we can hardly contain our excitement. Download this episode for your ride to New York … or to live vicariously through us if you’re not going.

In this pre-Con show, we cover some of the guests, panels and bargains we’re looking forward to, tell you what to bring (or what you may have already forgot to bring) to the Con. Best of all we’ll be back with some more meaningful discussion post-convention.

See you in New York!

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Ed. Note: On Thursday night, we recorded a mega three-hour p’cast dedicated to the Con. We talked about the big Marvel digital comics announcement, Ben’s Friday in line with Mike Choi, snooty New York bars and tons more. This is our 10th p’cast and it was probably our best ever! Look for it in just a few days!

Countdown to Comic Con: 4 days

Start spreading the news! In just 4 days, a who’s who of comics creators and fandom will head to the Big Apple for the 2009 New York Comic Con.  The Near Mint Comic Show will be there … will you?  While fanboys and fangirls everywhere count the hours until the big show, we will be posting articles here at nearmintcomicshow.com every day to get you ready for the show. All this leading up to thursday night, we’ll get together to record a pre-Con episode of the podcast that you can take with you on your long drive from wherever.  So be sure to sync your iPod on Friday morning for some podcasty-goodness that might spare you from singing 100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall on your way to the Con.

not Joe Quesada
not Joe Quesada

2008 – What a year!

If you listened to last episode, you heard everything we had to say about the year that was in comics.  A lot of big things took place in the ’08, not the least being the debut of Ben & Josh’s Near Mint Comic Show.  But it was our trip to last year’s New York Comic Con that set the wheels in motion and set us down the dark path to superfandom.

Last year, we stood in the presence of Stan “the Man” Lee and heard news of his big renaissance at Virgin Comics … which since closed shop on all US operations never to be heard from again.

Last year, the world was abuzz with wide-eyed Skrull-mania.  You couldn’t swing a homemade Lightsaber without hitting someone in a Skrull mask.

Last year, we met Marc Guggenheim and saw exclusive video from the set of Eli Stone (see Virgin Comics).


Last year, we hung out with fellow fans … like SNL’s Bill Heder.

Last year, we saw mysterious images of a dark figure who Joe Quesada told us to expect big things from.  The mystery man turn out to be Randall Flagg from the comics adaptation of Steven King’s The Stand.

Last year, we experienced Jim McCann, Marvel’s Marketing Guru/Cheerleader who puts the POW! in Powerpoint.

(l to r) Tom Brevoort, Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, Dan Slott, Brian Reed, Marc Guggenheim, Mark Guggenheim, C.B. Sebulski, Jim McCann
(l to r) Tom Brevoort, Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, Dan Slott, Brian Reed, Marc Guggenheim, Mark Guggenheim, C.B. Sebulski, Jim McCann

Last year, we walked 18 blocks to the world’s greatest dive bar, the Blarney Stone.

A lot happened at the ’08 Con and Josh wrote a great recap right after the show. Click Here to get the blow-by-blow from joshnason.com. Needless to say, we had a great time in New York last year and we’re as psyched as you are to go back.

What’s in store for this year?  Well, check back in the next few days and we’ll preview some of the panels, guests we’re looking forward, remind you of some Con-ing do’s and don’ts And, of course, we’ll be dropping a new podcast on Friday AM to keep you company on your way to the show.  If you’re not going to New York this weekend, I’m sorry (and you should be ashamed of yourself), but if you are maybe we’ll bump into you … if you’re crowding those 50-cent bins, you can bet on it.

Oh yeah, in case you wanna say hi, I look like this …

Ben (hatless) with Darwyn Cooke at NYCC'08

and Josh Looks like this …

Josh (looking nonchalant) with Marc Guggenheim, Bill Heder and Tom Brevoort

… Is it Friday yet?