Episode 052 “Pilgrim n’ Gritty”

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Need something to be thankful for this November? How about 2+ hours of Near Mint action to keep you company as over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house you go!

The appetizer is a very Josh-centric opening, as he recaps European travels, NASCAR and new academic endeavors. Then we dish up a Superman-sized portion of comic talk including Batman, Liberty Annual 2012, Uncanny Avengers, The Walking Dead TV series, The Dark Knight Returns animated movie and more. Plus, we get into a healthy conversation about the newly-minted Marvel NOW!

After that, it’s time to open up the Near Mint mailbag and answer some listener questions which take us down a dark and winding road beset by wardrobe interventions, disembodied voices and fight scenes, setting the stage for an exiting and high-stakes next episode.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone – DIG IN!

Music in this episode by: The Rolling Stones, Wiz Khalifa, Public Enemy, El Cuarteto De Nos, The Marvelettes

Editors Note: If you have questions for the next Near Mint mail-call, send them to nearmintcomicshow@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you!

Dark Horse releases definitive Hellboy timeline

For those fans (us included) who may have had a hard time wrapping their head around Hellboy, Dark Horse has published a definitive chronology of the life and times of Hellboy. Check out the image below or click here to download a .pdf – be befuddled no more!

(click to enlarge)