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Welcome to the Near Mint Comic Show Episode archive.

Click on the player to listen to all of our previous shows or right click the episode title to download (mp3). “More Info” will take you to the blog post for that episode.

Episode 100“Finale”

February 12, 2018 In which we declare our mission accomplished. MORE INFO

Episode 099 “Beginning of the End”

November 28, 2017 In which we emerge from self-imposed exile with startling news. MORE INFO

Episode 098 “History in the Making”

July 19, 2016  In which we accidentally get real life in our comic books. MORE INFO

Episode 097 “Boston Pre-Party”

June 23, 2016  In which we talk about Marvel books and show a wicked hometown bias. MORE INFO

Episode 096 “Threebirth”

June 9, 2016  In which Josh becomes a father and decides DC movies are too dark. MORE INFO

Episode 095 “Darwynism”

May 23, 2016  In which we celebrate the life and work of Darwyn Cooke. MORE INFO

Episode 094 “The Big Shorty”

March 31, 2016  In which we read stuff from other websites and pass it off as journalism. MORE INFO

Episode 093 “Blackened With Science”

March 17, 2016  In which we discuss Black Science from Image comics by Remender, Scalera and White. MORE INFO

Episode 092 “Rated R for Reboot”

March 3, 2016  In which we talk about Deadpool… and some other stuff.  MORE INFO

Episode 091 “Collection Agency”

February 18, 2016  In which we show just how little we know about collecting comics.  MORE INFO

Episode 090 “Fantasy Roleplay”

January 28, 2016  In which we broadcast live from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  MORE INFO

Episode 089 “The Force Awakens”

January 14, 2016  In which we broadcast live from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  MORE INFO

Episode 088 “And A Minty New Year”

December 31, 2015  In which we ring in the New year with the conclusion of the 6th Annual-ish Minty Awards.  MORE INFO

Episode 087 “DoubleMinty Twins”

December 17, 2015  In which we continue the 6th Annual-ish Minty Awards.  MORE INFO

Episode 086 “Three Men and a Minty”

December 3, 2015  In which we finally get around to the 2013 Minty Awards.  MORE INFO

Episode 085 “Magically Delicious”

November 19, 2015  In which we acknowledge that there are other people in the comic shop.  MORE INFO

Episode 084 | “Comics in a Comic Shop”

November 5, 2015  In which we turn the show over to the other kind of comics.  MORE INFO

Episode 083 |  “Six Degrees of Howard Chaykin”

October 22, 2015  In which we talk about everything but Howard Chaykin.  MORE INFO

Episode 082 |  “Reverse Burgling”

October 8, 2015  In which we discuss Fear, loathing and hair-brained schemes to trick our wives.  MORE INFO

Episode 081 |  “Boiled Eggs and Beef Jerky”

September 24, 2015  In which Robert Kirkman sees the future and John Byrne wins the ’80s.  MORE INFO

Episode 080 |  “It Exists”

September 10, 2015  In which we get over one con and prepare for another.  MORE INFO

Episode 079 |  NEAR MINTerview w/ Marc Guggenheim

August 24, 2015  In which we talk with comics scribe and Arrow show-runner, Marc Guggenheim.  MORE INFO

Episode 078 |  “Cinematic Reviewniverse”

August 20, 2015  In which we discuss, review and rank ALL the Marvel Movies  MORE INFO

Episode 077 |  NEAR MINTerview w/ James Sturm

August 6, 2015  In which speak with Cartoonist, Professor, and entrepreneur, James Sturm.  MORE INFO

Episode 076 |  “Of Heroes and Homewreckers”

July 23, 2015  In which we boldly go where no Near Mint Comic Show has gone before.  MORE INFO

Episode 075 |  “Comic Book Guys”

July 9, 2015  In which we judge books by their covers like it’s our job.  MORE INFO

Episode 074 |  “Writerssance”

June 25, 2015  In which we wrap about writers and run from white walkers.  MORE INFO

Episode 073  |  “Dandemonium”

June 11, 2015  In which we welcome back Dan Larson to talk toys… and comics.  MORE INFO

Episode 072  |  “So Many Beans”

May 28, 2015  In which we clear out the cupboards and fill up the longboxes.  MORE INFO

Episode 071  |  “Reading Rainbow”

May 14, 2015  In which we dole out free comics and bad advice.  MORE INFO

Episode 070  |  “Vigilante Workout”

May 7, 2015  In which we exact justice on unsuspecting movie trailers.  MORE INFO

Episode 069  |  “Bros and Cons”

April 23, 2015  In which we forget about Lucas for long stretches of time.  MORE INFO

Episode 068  |  “Dadman and Robin”

April 9, 2015  In which we push propaganda on the young and impressionable.  MORE INFO

Episode 067  |  “No Girls Allowed”

March 26, 2015  In which we alienate 49% of the world’s population.  MORE INFO

Episode 066  |  “Reboots Are Made For Talkin”

March 12, 2015  In which we do battle with Battleworld.  MORE INFO

Episode 065  |  “Men Out Of Time”

February 26, 2015  In which we disrupt the space-time continuum… again.  MORE INFO

Episode 064  |  “Don’t Call It A Comeback”

February 12, 2015  In which we act like nothing happened and go on about our business.  MORE INFO

Episode 063  |  Comic Book Club: MAY’14

May 31, 2014  In which we discuss our May 2014 Book Club Selection: Guardians of the Galaxy.  MORE INFO

Episode 062  |  Comic Book Club: MAR’14

March 30, 2014  In which we discuss our March 2014 Book Club Selection: I Kill Giants.  MORE INFO

Episode 061  |  Comic Book Club: FEB’14

Feb 28, 2014  In which we discuss our February Book Club Selection: Invincible.  MORE INFO

Episode 060  |  “Comics Constipation”

February 10, 2014  In which we get shit off our chests… er, bookshelves.  MORE INFO

Episode 059  |  Comic Book Club: JAN’14

January 15, 2014  In which we discuss our January Book Club Selection: East of West.  MORE INFO

Episode 058  |  Comic Book Club: DEC’13

December 9, 2013  In which we discuss our December Book Club Selection: American Vampire.  MORE INFO 

Episode 057  |  Too Geek Or Not Too Geek”

October 31, 2013  In which we roll dice and take names.   MORE INFO

Episode 056  |  A Day Late and a Dollar Short”

July 22, 2013  In which we break the silence.   MORE INFO

Episode 055  |  Make Mine Minty”

March 8, 2013  In which we honor the best of 2012 in the 5th Annual Minty Awards.   MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 054  |  NEAR MINTerview with Bill Willingham

January 22, 2013  In which we talk to the creator of the Fables universe.   MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 053  |  “Peace, Love & Whoopie”

December 20, 2012  In which we rise from the ashes in the wake of human tragedy with peace, love and game shows.   MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 052  |  “Pilgrim & Gritty”

November 20, 2012  In which speculate on things like it’s the 90’s and they have a triple-gatefold chromium cover.   MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 051  |  “Stan Lee Cup Champs”

September 20, 2012  In which we actually talk about comic books for an entire episode.   MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 050  |  “Near Mint No More”

August 16, 2012  In which we celebrate 4 years and 50 episodes in blowout fashion.   MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 049  |  NEAR MINTerview with Cullen Bunn

June 5, 2012  In which we talk to the writer of The Sixth GunWolverineVenom, and more.   MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 048  |  “Spoiled Milk”

May 10, 2012  In which we make up for lost time and indroduce a new cast member to the NEAR MINT family.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 047  |  NEAR MINTerview with Matt Kindt

February 8, 2012  In which we talk to the creator of Super Spy, 3 Story, and the upcoming Mind MGMT.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 046  |  “Minty Fresh

January 25, 2012  In which we honor the best of 2011 in the 4th Annual Minty Awards.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 045  |  “Tis The Season

December 23, 2011  In which we spread joy to the world of comics and close out the year in spectacular fashion  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 044  |  “Mid-Season Finale

November 30, 2011  In which the Dead don’t march to the beat of just one drum and comic talk flows like bacon-wrapped scallops.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 043  |  “Occupy DC

October 14, 2011  In which we review more DC books than you ever thought Josh would read.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 042  |  “Life, The Universe & Everything

August 9, 2011  In which we ramble about traveling, mourn fallen brethren and justify our Spidey-love.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 041  |  NEAR MINTerview with Nate Simpson

August 9, 2011  In which we talk to Nate Simpson, creator of Nonplayer and winner of the 2011 Russ Manning Award.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 040  |  “Fireworks”

July 1, 2011  In which we throw down with not-so-amazing spider-editor, Steve Wacker.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 039  |  NEAR MINTerview with Frank Quitely

June 17, 2011  In which we talk with the superstar artist of New X-Men, All-Star Superman and more, Frank Quitely.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 038  |  “Rocked by Granitecon”

May 27, 2011  In which we once again record ‘live’ from the Granite State Comic Con. Carlton Greene guest stars.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 037  |  “Superhero Team-up”

May 14, 2011  In which we record ‘live’ from Free Comic Book Day 2011 Dan Larson and P.J. Huot guest star.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 036  |  “Secret Pleasure”

April 25, 2011  In which we give misinformation, make predictions and open a box.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 035  |  Comic Book Club: MAR’11

April 4, 2011  In which we discuss our March Book Club Selection: Morning GloriesMORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 034  |  “Maceindaface!”

March 25, 2011  In which we make funny noises and pretend to be in another city.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 033  |  Comic Book Club: FEB’11

February 27, 2011  In which we discuss our February Book Club Selection: The Sixth GunMORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 032  |  “Top ’10”

February 14, 2011  In which we celebrate the best of 2010 in the 3rd annual Minty Awards.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 031  |  Comic Book Club: JAN’11

January 16, 2011  In which we welcome a new addition to the Near Mint family of podcasts.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 030  |  “Big Time”

December 21, 2010  In which Jen Peirce joins the show along with Greg Giorgio to talk The Walking Dead *SPOILERS*.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 029  |  “The Empire State Strikes Back (Part 2)”

November 6, 2010  In which we CONTINUE recapping our adventures at the 2010 New York Comic Con.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 028  |  “The Empire State Strikes Back (Part 1)”

October 31, 2010  In which we recap our adventures at the 2010 New York Comic Con.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 027  |  “TV Funhouse”

September 30, 2010  In which we eschew comics conversation and talk about the fall TV lineup.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 026  |  “Once Bitten, Twice Shamed”

July 26, 2010  In which we learn why Tron is like a stripper, bats are like honey, and Ben’s wife is like a 14-year-old.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 025  |  “Ticket To The Dance”

May 28, 2010  In which we record live from the floor of Granitecon 2010. Greg Giorgio guest stars.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 024  |  NEAR MINTerview with J.H. Williams III

April 27, 2010  In which we talk with the uber-talented writer/artist of Batwoman, J.H. Williams III.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 023  |  “Celebrity Jeopardy”

April 7, 2010  In which Ben’s Dad comes on the show to face off against Josh in Watchmen Jeopardy.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 022  |  “Storming the Castle”

March 21, 2010  In which P.J. Huot fills in for Josh and we hang out with the Ghostbusters at Granitecon, Nashua.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 021  |  NEAR MINTerview with Sean Murphy

February 12, 2010  In which talk to Joe The Barbarian (and American Vampire) artist, Sean Murphy.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 020  |  “Party Like It’s 2009”

January 23, 2010  In which call out the best of 2009 in the 2nd annual Minty Awards.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 019  |  “The Great Escape”

December 20, 2009  In which Ben reads a real book and we gather ’round the yule log for some holiday cheer.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 018  |  “Spooktacular”

October 27, 2009  In which we recap Ben’s trip to Baltimore Comic-Con and chat (very) breifly with Matt Fraction.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 017  |  “Nobody’s Business”

September 13, 2009  In which Disney buys Marvel and we welcome Jeff Lemire to the program.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 016  |  “Crack Economics”

July 31, 2009  In which we talk of San Diego Comic-Con, replacement heroes and convoluted continuity.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 015  |  “Taken for Granite”

June 6, 2009  In which we record “live” from Granitecon 2009 with loads of creator interviews.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 014  |  “Stick Around”

May 23, 2009  In which we meet comic creator and famous podcaster-to-be, Dan Larson!  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 013  |  “Free Comic Book Day”

May 5, 2009  In which we record “live” on location for the first time – FCBD at Double Midnight Comics.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 012  |  “Attack!”

April 22, 2009  In which egos are bruised, feelings are hurt and we become international celebrities.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 011  |  “DeCONpression (Part 2)”

March 17, 2009  In which we continue the recap, discussing booth battles and digital revolutions.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 010  |  “DeCONpression (Part 1)”

February 16, 2009  In which we begin recapping our NYCC2009 experience and start a podcasting turf war.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 009  |  “NY Comic Con Preview”

February 5, 2009  In which we get giddy about our upcoming trip to the 2009 New York Comic-Con.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 008  |  “Timewarp”

January 19, 2009  In which P.J. Huot gives a Newbie Book Report and we ring in the new year with the Best of 2008.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 007  |  “Lucky for You”

December 15, 2008  In which we stuff your stockings with holiday cheer and boatloads of comics.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 006  |  “Suddenly Cynical”

November 20, 2008  In which Adam Fleishman gives us our first Newbie Book Report.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 005  |  “Fragmented”

October 15, 2008  In which we talk about just about everything but comics … for the first time.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 004  |  “Monthly Momentum”

September 29, 2008  In which we get on a roll … and on a rant. Secret Invasion, New Ways to Die and more.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 003  |  “Done in One!”

September 9, 2008  In which we attempt to be journalists and have a disagreement over vocabulary.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 002  |  “Kirkmania”

August 22, 2008  In which we discuss and debate the infamous “Kirkman Manifesto”.  MORE INFO | SHOP

Episode 001  |  “Pilot”

August 13, 2008  Our debut episode, in which we introduce ourselves and prepare you for what’s to come.  MORE INFO | SHOP

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