Episode 058 • Comic Book Club DEC’13



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Happy Holidays, listeners! As trumpeted in our last episode, we’ve brought back an old favorite, re-tooled and wrapped-up with a shiny bow for 2013. It’s The All-New, All-Different Near Mint Comic Show Comic Book Club! Ben Peirce, Dan Bertwell and Lucas Ewing take the reigns as hosts for a monthly roundtable on one spotlighted book. This month’s selection: American Vampire (DC, Vertigo) Vol. 1. by Scott Snyder (w), Stephen King (w), Rafael Albuquerque (a) and Dave McCaig (c).

After some introductory how-do-you-dos, we sink our teeth into the 2010 series that propelled writer, Scott Snyder to become one of the biggest names in comics. With an interwoven origin story by horror icon, Stephen King, and beautiful, multi-dimensional art by Rafael Albuquerque and Dave McCaig, American Vampire Vol. 1 introduces us to vampire/outlaw, Skinner Sweet and his unlikely progeny Pearl Jones, an aspiring actress in Old Hollywood of the 1920’s. Pull up a stool, pour yourself a drink, and join our conversation about one of the most beloved creator-owned titles in comics.

Music in this episode by: 2-Unlimited, Phish

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