Baltimore Comic-Con Preview

by Ben Peirce

Before we get started with our Baltimore preview, we’d like to give a quick shout out to our pals at Double Midnight Comics & Collectibles, who made a major announcement today that will change the face of comics as we know it… at least here in Manchester, NH. Congrats, guys!

Summer is winding down but convention season is building to a fever pitch.  With San-Diego behind us and New York on the horizon, the Baltimore Comic-Con moved up in the batting order from mid-October last year to late-August in 2010.  This weekend, August 28-29 the 11th annual Baltimore Comic-Con will once again fill the halls of the Baltimore Convention Center.  And once again I’ll be on the show floor to take in the fun, meet the guests and report back.  This year, the show saw fit to give press credentials to the Near Mint Comic Show and even though I just finished season 3 of The Wire, I’m psyched to be headed back to the Charm City!

What to do in Baltimore …

In addition to the many wonderful shops and restaurants in the harbor area, Visitors will love the famous Baltimore Aquarium and … oh wait … you meant what to do at the shooooow… In that case, here’s what to expect.  First and foremost, Baltimore is a COMIC BOOK convention.  If you’re looking for video games, movie hype and Twilight this isn’t the show for you – sorry, Jen.  But if you want comics, Baltimore is a great show.  You can check out N.M.C.S. Episode 018 to hear my complete recap of the 2009 show, but last year there were a ton of vendors, some great deals and plenty of costumed crazies to drain the battery on your digital camera.  I was a little underwhelmed by the panels last year but they do have some great programming lined up this year, so here’s hoping they’re set up a little better this time around.  Baltimore is also host to the Harvey Awards.

Me n' Tony Harris will be back at Baltimore Comic-Con this year.

But the real draw of the Baltimore Comic-Con is the creators. Baltimore has one of the best Artists’ Alleys I’ve encountered at any convention.  Because there isn’t (or wasn’t last year anyway) a big presence from the Big 2 publishers, the creators have fewer appearance and panel obligations and more time to hang out at their table and spend time with the fans.  The lines are short and last year there was times when you could chat for 15 minutes or longer with top tier creators like Matt Fraction, Jason Arron and even Joe Kubert.  This year brings yet another blockbuster guest list and while there’s too many to list here you can get the full rundown at  If you’re thinking of heading down though, read on and I’ll tell you who I’m most excited about meeting at this year’s show…

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San Diego Comic-Con 2010

It’s no secret that San Diego’s Comic-Con International has gotten too big for it’s britches.  As Hollywood has stepped in and usurped the one-time comic book mecca, much of the spotlight has been stolen away from our beloved comics – but not all of it.  The convention just keeps getting bigger and has nearly outgrown San Diego itself.  With this much Con happening in one place it’s hard for the average guy to keep up with the news and announcements coming out of the Whale’s Vagina.

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