Indie Saturday!

by Ben Peirce

After a few hectic weeks of 48 Hour Film-making and Stanley Cup Playoff immersion, I finally found myself with an obligation-free Saturday this week. And since i actually managed to get out of bed before noon, that meant digging into a stack of comics. Now, it just so happened that the I had the most accumulation at the “indie” end of my to-read pile this morning so today I had the pleasure of devouring 6 issues – a trade’s worth of singles – of some of my favorite creator-owned comics.

Now before anyone gets their spandex in a twist, I include Vertigo and Wildstorm titles in this list “indie” comics and while both of those imprints are published by D.C. Comics, they are all creator-owned properties and created in what I consider the independent spirit. I’ve received some heat online because I consider Vertigo/Wildstorm/Icon/etc. to be “indie” but I think that the term independent should speak more to the creative process than it does to publishing and distribution. So there. You don’t like it? Read someone else’s blog! Now on to the books …

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