Episode 016 – “Crack Economics”

P7240018We’ve been off for a month but we’re back with a vengeance! In this episode, we open up with some San Diego Comic Con news and a good hearty bitch session about the onslaught of titles in this month’s Marvel Previews.

Then we get to some comic talk, where replacement heroes, Bucky-Cap and the Dick Knight make us think about character evolution. And what do you do when you characters get to old to be human? A hidden bombshell in Captain America #600 sparks a wave of continuity questions.

Finally, we wrap things off with a longbox-load of comic talk including Avengers Invaders, Dark Reign: Mr. Negative & Sinister Spider, Ultimatum and the Ultimate Comics relaunch, Wednesday Comics, Batman, Green Lantern, Chew, Viking and more – It’s too much for you to handle!

Ben & Josh’s Near Mint Comic Show – Episode 016

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Jimmy Fallon visits the San Diego Comic Con

We couldn’t make the trip to San Diego ourselves this year but fortunately Late Night host, Jimmy Fallon was there to take in the sights and pitch a few people on his new superhero, the Recharger. Pretty funny stuff with some great comics industry cameos.

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Meanwhile, we’re still waiting to hear from @DMComicsScott about his San Diego trip. And we’ve got San Diego talk of our own along with plenty of comics discussion, coming later this week in Episode 16 – it’s in the can!

We’ve arrived!

Yessir geeks and geekettes, we’ve finally made our mark on the mainstream.  Today, Google ran this image on their home page (along with a link to a slew of comic-themed iGoogle skins) in honor of the San Diego Comic Con, the Mecca of comics and pop culture taking place right now.

And yes folks, we’re sorry for the delay between episodes.  We’ve been keeping up with our summer reading lists though and we’ll be back very soon with tons of comic talk in Episode 16. In the meantime, you can follow our buddy Scott from Double Midnight Comics (@DMComicsScott) as he Tweets the Comic Con experience.