Episode 020 – “Party Like It’s 2009”

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In our landmark 20th Episode, we step outside the cozy confines of the Comic Cave and Saddle up with the Brothers Proulx at Double Midnight Comics to recap the best of 2009 in the 2nd Annual Minty Awards.

First we take a look back at the decade that was, and what it meant for comics. Then it’s off to the red carpet, where we hand out our best of 2009 awards in the following categories:

Hero of the Year
Villain of the Year
Team of the Year
Breakout Character of the Year

Best Comic Book Movie
News story of the Year
Publisher of the Year

Best Colorist
Best Inker
Best Penciler
Best Writer

Best Marvel book
Best DC book
Best “Independent”
Best Cover
Best Original Graphic Novel
or Collected Edition
Best Single Issue 
Best New Series
Best Mini-Series
Best Ongoing Series

Music in this episode by: Bonnie Tyler, Flight of the Conchords, Reef, Dave Matthews and Stan Bush.

Aquatic Justice Bitches!

Assuming you have room in your life to listen to a podcast other than ours, I highly recommend the Smodcast with Filmmaker, Kevin Smith and his hetero-lifemate, Scott Mosier.  It’s a great show full of hilarity, hijinx and bathroom humor.  Smodcast is an audio show, but here’s a little video taste (featuring everyone’s favorite superhero, Aquaman) to wet your appetite until our next episode…

Our landmark 20th episode, featuring our Best of 2009 Awards will be heading your way shortly!