Episode 015 – “Taken For Granite”

Our pal, Adam Fleishman tries not to let the wookie smell fear.

The Near Mint Comic Show is on location once again, this time at the 2009 Granite State Comicon, Manchester. Ben and Josh are joined by a very hung-over Adam Fleishman as they talk to artists, fans and attendees at the show.

In the first hour, we catch up with gamer, Lise, who we met at FCBD. We chat with Deadpool, and talk about the potential return of Steve Rogers. Later, we’re treated to the comedic stylings of our good friend P.J. Huot and meet fellow comic, Kevin Cotter (44:00), both of whom did stand-up at Granitecon. Then we talk with Bob Gouveia, Commanding Officer of the 501st New England Garrison (59:00), but that’s just the beginning.

In the second hour, we take a stroll through Artists Alley and talk to Supergirl’s Jamal Igle (1:05:45), Joe and TJ of the Underburbs (1:09:15) and the hard-drinking, cowboy-hat-wearing, Clone-Wars-drawing Fillbach Brothers (1:10:55). We meet the creators of Sky Pirates and the White Rose (1:15) and finally talk to fellow FCBD attendees, Jeremy McHugh (1:17:10) and Blair Shedd (1:26:14). granitecon-logo-2k8 We meet Marvel artists, Norman Lee and Pop Mhan (1:30:25) and try to pull spoilers from Keith Champagne of DC’s The Mighty(1:36:53). We wrap things up with New Hampshire’s own Scott Wegner (1:39:35), artist on Atomic Robo, Killer of Demons and Human Torch. It’s a long episode, packed with comic-y goodness so pace yourself. This puts a cap on the biggest month in Near Mint history.

Ben & Josh’s Near Mint Comic Show – Episode 015

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