Random News: Colbert to appear in ASM, O’Neill coming back to Batman

Steven Colbert - American Comic Hero
Steven Colbert - American Comic Hero

A few mid-week news notes for our faithful listeners and readers:

-First, we are recording our new p’cast as I type this. Ben tends to talk a lot! (Just kidding, bud.)

-Steven Colbert to appear in Amazing Spider-Man #573: Comedy Central host Colbert, seen as a presidential candiate throughout the Marvel titles over the past year, will meet up with our favorite wall-crawler in an eight-page backup story in ASM #573. The issue is the final part of the New Ways To Die arc, but will be unrelated to the storyline…we hope. And of course, there will be a Colbert variant. Hooray!

-Denny O’Neil returns to Batman for two issues: The long-term Batman scribe will return to write the man he knows so well for a two-issue run in December…except Bats won’t be in the story thanks to Grant Morrison’s Batman R.I.P. run. From his Newsarama interview:

“Batman really isn’t in the story…Batman is the great unseen presence in the story, the way that Hamlet’s father is the great unseen presence (except for a few minutes in Act I) in that story.”

-Liquid Comics buys out Virgin Comics: The long-awaited end of Virgin Comics has come as Liquid Comics has completed their buyout of management. Apparently, they will continue to work on some of the existing characters that Virgin had worked on, but I’m not sure where Stan Lee’s deal fits into all of this. Poor Stan, but this was to be expected.

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