Dark Knight script reveals future of Harvey Dent…or does it?

Interesting read via VH1 today about whether Harvey Dent/Two Face dies or lives at the end of The Dark Knight. As the movie climaxes, we see Dent laying on the ground after taking a bit of a spill and soon afterward, there is a funeral for Dent. Of course, comic fans understand that characters can be revived at any time and that anything is explainable in our medium, continuity be damned.

However, The Dark Knight script went on sale the other day and during that scene, the following is written in the stage direction:

“Dent lies at the bottom of the hole, his neck broken. DEAD.”

As the article points out, people are speculating that means Dent is dead and not Two Face but take that for what it’s worth. So the question will continue to be asked with the announcement of the next Batman movie, who will be the villains?

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