NasonNotes: DC unleashes movie news, IPhone app, X-Men graphic tease

Some notes from a trip ’round the internet today:

-DC announces third Batman, relaunch for Superman, two additional films: No big surprise here as DC announced they are making a third Batman movie which will hopefully live up to the incredible box office the second film is currently doing. The film will be part of a four-pack of films DC is launching by 2012 in hopes of eventually building towards a Justice League flick.

What I thought was interesting was the admission that Superman Returns sucked and that they are relaunching the movie franchise to take on more of a ‘darker’ tone. For Superman? Dark? Are you kidding me? I can’t stand the Supes character and think that irreparable harm has been caused to this icon over the past 10 years…at least. I’m sure Ben will disagree, but they’ll have to do a lot to make me care about this relaunch.

-First comic book app for Iphone is coming: The IPhone is awesome, but I don’t know if I’d ever read a comic on it.

Another big X-Event?
Another big X-Event?

-Marvel announces Spider-Man/X-Men mini: This looks interesting. Marvel announced a four-issue mini that tracks both entities through their careers from the start through current day. On the surface, it seems random but check out the info. Looks intriguing.

-Marvel releases interesting X-Men tease: Ben can speak more to this than I, but we might be on the precipice of another major X-event. Know those black-and-white Sin City-style teasers you’ve been seeing? Well, the House of Ideas dropped one featuring (we think) Gambit with the words ‘Have I ever heard of Jean Grey?’

One thought on “NasonNotes: DC unleashes movie news, IPhone app, X-Men graphic tease”

  1. Spider-Man/X-Men eh? Well, combining these characters still seems a bit random but who cares? I love all those characters so I too am “all over this like go-go boots on Gwen Stacy”. I love that they’re tracing this story back through all the various ill-fated incarnations of the characters. Ben Reilly … really?! More Marvel-U porn headed our way and I can’t get enough!

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