Bendis Leaving Avengers, Dark Reign coming, Marvel Noir, Ultimate Avengers, More

Spider-Man Noir...coming 2009.
Spider-Man Noir...coming 2009.

Monte cristo, it’s been a busy few days. Let’s jump into it:

-Bendis to launch Dark Reign storyline, leaving Mighty Avengers: Marvel uber writer Brian Michael Bendis made an unannounced appearance at the Diamond convention in Vegas last night and certainly left some big news in his wake. BMB said the post-Secret Invasion storyline will be called Dark Reign and will tie in some key Marvel Universe titles. A new title launched out of this includes Dark Avengers that he will write with art by Mike Deodato. As a result, BMB will leave Mighty Avengers with issue 20 but no writer has been announced. Spider-Woman is still in the works as well.

-Millar to return to Ultimate line with Ultimate Avengers: In early 2009, Mark Millar comes back with Ultimate Avengers which will take place in the post-Ultimatum universe. No artist has been announced. You can read his Newsarama interview here, but here’s one all-encompassing quote “Ultimate Avengers will be the Big Daddy of the Ultimate Universe as of issue one. This is the Ultimate line’s event book. It’s like Civil War or Secret Invasion happening twice a year as two crossover events take place annually with a new artist and a new cast of characters every six issues.”

-Marvel Noir is coming: Talk about an interesting concept. Those black-and-white illustrations we’ve been seeing throughout Marvel books the last few months, like this one I wrote about? They are for a new line of mini-series set for release in early-2009 called Marvel Noir: re-imagining Marvel characters as they would be in the 1930s. Three titles announced include X-Men, Daredevil and Spider-Man.

-CW Announces Fall Cartoon Lineup: Spider-Man, TMNT and more begin anew this Saturday. Here’s the full lineup.

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