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Weekly Hit (and Miss) List: 9/20/2011

by Ben Peirce

The Weekly Hit (and Miss) List is a rundown of the best and worst things I read this week regardless of their original publication date. It doesn’t have to be new – just new to me.  This was a light reading week for me, so I’m going to keep it brief and focus my efforts on some of the surprise (at least to me) hits of DC’s new 52.


Animal Man #1 | DC | Jeff Lemire (w), Travel Foreman (a)

I really can’t get enough of the New 52.  Make no mistake, they haven’t all been great but they’re all NEW and when you’ve read superhero comics for as long as Josh and I have, finding something new can be hard to come by.  Of the books I’ve read so far, Animal Man has done the best job of embracing the newness while still establishing a sense of history.  That’s a lot to accomplish in 22 pages but Jeff Lemire does it masterfully.  I’ll take some heat for liking this on account of my constant New Avengers-bashing, but within the first few pages (which yes, do take place around a kitchen table)  it’s obvious that Buddy Baker/Animal Man is an established character with some history but it’s a fresh start for both the characters and the reader and I found myself slipping effortlessly into the story.

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