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Bendis gives his own “Best of ’08”

bmb1Arguably the most powerful writer in comics today, Brian Michael Bendis did a JinxWorld post and updated his Myspace yesterday with his recap of his 2008. There’s not much newsworthy here, but I thought it was kinda cool. Here it is below in original form:

“As we come to an end of another broadcast year here at jinxworld,I find myself very happy about a great many things…

As some know, my wife and I travelled all the way to Adis Ababa to get our daughter Sabrina, followed by her incredible year here in America.

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Near Mint Comic Show: Best of 2008

We’re picking the best comics of ’08 and we need your help

20082008.  For every year older we get, it seems like the years get that much shorter.  Years, as they say, just roll by like a broken down dam.  But for us comics fans, a lot can happen in a year.  A year that saw an invasion unfold and a crisis near finality, a year that gave us a new Captain America and a … um … RIP’d Batman, a year with 3 glorious issues of All-Star Batman & Robin, can feel like a very long time.   Continue reading Near Mint Comic Show: Best of 2008