Ben and Josh started a podcast…wait, who’s Ben and Josh?

If you stopped upon this site on purpose, thanks for doing so. If you’re here by accident, WAIT!!!!! Don’t go

Josh w/ Mark Guggenheim, Bill Heder, & Tom Brevoort at NY Comic Con 2008
Josh w/ Mark Guggenheim, Bill Heder, & Tom Brevoort at NY Comic Con 2008


Here’s the deal: my buddy Ben and I have been comics fans for years. We’ve collected, watched the various movies/cartoons and even attended a few Cons in our day and with backgrounds in media and entertainment, doing a podcast seemed like a natural progression. Ben was the driving force as he is a podcast fiend (zombie?) and is a technical whiz at setting everything up and making it sound great. Me? I’m just a Spider-Man fan that likes some other stuff, the perfect foil for my comics-addicted friend.

So that’s that. You can learn more about us by listening to our first ‘cast, now on ITunes or on Switchpod. New shows will be out every few weeks and we’ll post info about those and more here on our blog site.

Thanks for listening and Excelsior/Huzzah!


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