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Episode 010 – “DeCONpression” (Part 1)

We’re back from the New York Comic Con and we have more to talk about than we can contain within a single episode!

In part one of our New York Comic Con debriefing, we recount the events of the weekend, taking you the listener along for the ride.  You’ll ride with us on the shuttle bus, sit next to us at the panels and hold our place in line at Artist Alley.  You’ll hear how Ben spent all of Friday standing in one place, find out what pissed off Josh enough to start a podcasting turf war and you’ll cringe as we stalk Jim McCann with a Near Mint Valentine.

You’ll even get a chance to win an autographed comic if you can tell us why Phil Jimenez’s Spider-Man wears a tiara.

All this excitement and it’s just the first half of our post-Con-versation!

In the soon-to-be released Part II, we take shots at the Marvel and DC booths, bitch about the bitching about the price of comics, we examine the implications of digital comics and comic cliques and Ben comes to grips with just how many books he’s buying.  Stay tuned, true believers!

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Episode 009 – “NY Comic Con Preview”

The New York Comic Con is finally here and we’re podcasting about it!

Updated Saturday, February 14th

It’s the eve of the New York Comic Con and we can hardly contain our excitement. Download this episode for your ride to New York … or to live vicariously through us if you’re not going.

In this pre-Con show, we cover some of the guests, panels and bargains we’re looking forward to, tell you what to bring (or what you may have already forgot to bring) to the Con. Best of all we’ll be back with some more meaningful discussion post-convention.

See you in New York!

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Ed. Note: On Thursday night, we recorded a mega three-hour p’cast dedicated to the Con. We talked about the big Marvel digital comics announcement, Ben’s Friday in line with Mike Choi, snooty New York bars and tons more. This is our 10th p’cast and it was probably our best ever! Look for it in just a few days!

Episode 008 – “Timewarp”

jokeroscarIn this action-packed episode that defies chronological order, our heroes take you back in time to recap the comic book worlds Best of 2008 (51:15). But first, Paul Huot drops by to give us the Newbie Book Report (05:50). All this, plus some BIG REVEALS – the Near Mint Comic Show will never be the same!

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Episode 007 – “Lucky for You”

skrullgrinchIn the last episode before the Holidays, Ben & Josh stuff your stocking with comic talk including a postmortem on Secret Invasion (00:07:25) and Batman R.I.P. (00:28:27). Other Reviews & Previews include Ultimatum #1 (00:40:50), Joker (00:48:20), Amazing Spider-Man (00:54:50), X-Men / Spider-Man (01:00:13), Kevin Smith’s Batman: Cacophony (01:06:29) and more …

We also trim your tree with Retro Recommendations: Ultimates 2 (01:22:30) and Wanted (01:28:31), deck your halls with Twitter posts by Warren Ellis and get set  to ring in the new year with another edition of the Newbie Book Report (01:52:46).  

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To see Paul Huot’s Newbie Book Report survey, click here.

Episode 06 – “Suddenly Cynical”

cobraIn this Galactus-sized episode, Adam Fleishman stops by to give us The Newbie Book Report and wastes no time dishing out some harsh criticism.  We read listener email and rant about back matter, event banners and Jeph Loeb. Then Ben and Josh show off their huge stacks and talk comics including: Amazing Spider-Man, Secret Invasion, 1985, The Twelve, the Ultimate Universe, Batman R.I.P., Green Lantern, Walking Dead and Invincible, The Stand, Rasl, Greatest Hits, Spawn, G.I. Joe, X-Force and finally, Final Crisis. Phew!

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Near Mint: Episode 005 – “Fragmented”

In an episode searching for substance, the boys talk TV, DVDs, Ultimate Fighting, and Free Beer. They even manage some comics talk despite having light weeks at the shop. Reviews and Previews include Villains United and Secret Six, Marvel Apes, Marvel Noir and more.  

In a look ahead to next episode we reveal a special guest as Adam Fleishman will join us for the debut of our new segment … The Newbie Book Report.  

Click here to read Adam’s newbie survey answers

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Near Mint Episode 004 – “Monthly Momentum”

In this episode, the boys talk about comics derailed by the monthly schedule. We dive into Secret Invasion and Spider-Man New Ways to Die. Ben recaps the Granite Con and continues to be confused by Batman RIP. Josh gives us news including Denny Oneil and Stephen Colbert. Reviews and Previews include Ultimate Origins, Mighty Avengers, DC Last Will and Testament, War Heroes, Captain America and more.

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Episode 3 is up!

The third episode (which is actually a continuation of the second episode, but who’s counting) of Ben & Josh’s Near Mint Comic Show is live!  Go to the Podcasts page to listen to this episode along with the first two, or subscribe to our feed through iTunes.  

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Episode 2 – “Kirkmania!”

Everyone in comics is talking about the “Kirkman Manifesto” and we couldn’t wait to get in on the discussion.  In a special edition of Ben & Josh’s Near Mint Comic Show, the boys sit down to discuss Robert Kirkman’s mission statement, their reactions, and what it says about the state of comics.

Ben & Josh are moving but the Podcasts keep rolling …

With both of us moving in the next week, we knew it might be a while before we could get back “in the studio” so we released this conversation as it’s own Episode.  We’ll be following up with another full-length Episode in the next couple weeks featuring news, reviews, and a look ahead upcoming releases.