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Episode 008 – “Timewarp”

jokeroscarIn this action-packed episode that defies chronological order, our heroes take you back in time to recap the comic book worlds Best of 2008 (51:15). But first, Paul Huot drops by to give us the Newbie Book Report (05:50). All this, plus some BIG REVEALS – the Near Mint Comic Show will never be the same!

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Episode 06 – “Suddenly Cynical”

cobraIn this Galactus-sized episode, Adam Fleishman stops by to give us The Newbie Book Report and wastes no time dishing out some harsh criticism.  We read listener email and rant about back matter, event banners and Jeph Loeb. Then Ben and Josh show off their huge stacks and talk comics including: Amazing Spider-Man, Secret Invasion, 1985, The Twelve, the Ultimate Universe, Batman R.I.P., Green Lantern, Walking Dead and Invincible, The Stand, Rasl, Greatest Hits, Spawn, G.I. Joe, X-Force and finally, Final Crisis. Phew!

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