Episode 047 • NEAR MINTerview w/ Matt Kindt

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Ben Peirce is back with another NEAR MINTerview! Joining us this month from St. Louis, Missouri is Matt Kindt. Matt is a Harvey Award-winning writer and artist who made a name for himself with his breakout hits, Super Spy and 2 Sisters, from Top Shelf Publications. Since then, he’s produced a number of graphic novels, including 3 Story: the Secret History of the Giant Man, from Dark Horse, Revolver at Vertigo, and The Tooth with Cullen Bunn from Oni Press. He recently took the reigns on Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth, where he penciled a pivotal story arc in the series.

We touch on many of those works over the course of the interview as well as some new projects Matt has coming up. His new ongoing series from Dark Horse, Mind MGMT is generating a lot of excitement. And in the coming months, he’ll be taking over as the regular writer on Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. There’s a lot to look forward to from Matt Kindt and we cover it all, as well as thoughts on the Watchmen prequels and predictions for the Oscars – don’t miss it!

Music in this episode by: Johnny Rivers, MGMT

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