From Ben: Official Hit List Hiatus

For everyone who’s been enjoying the Weekly Hit (& Miss) List, thank you for reading, commenting and supporting what we’re doing here at As you’ve probably noticed though, my weekly review column has been coming out with far less frequency of late.

As mentioned on our last episode, it’s teaching season again and I’m back at Southern New Hampshire University teaching animation and visual effects. The good news is I’m hard at work preparing the next generation of animators and mond-blowing special effects creators to bring you a lifetime of comic book properties on the big and small screen. The bad news is it’s left me with little time to produce a quality column each week. So rather than stress about it, and produce a sporadic column that’s not up to snuff, I’ve decided to suspend the Hit (& Miss) List for the time being in the hopes of a return to form this summer.

But just because the Hit List is hibernating, doesn’t mean there’s any less happening at – far from it. We have our next NEAR MINTerview lined up for next week, when we’ll be talking with Matt Kindt and there loads of other stuff on the way form your favorite comics podcast. As time allows, we’ll bring you some written content here on the website but to stay current on all things Near Mint, be sure to like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter!

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