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Since you’re all comics fans, we know that you have a finely-tuned internal alarm clock that starts buzzing whenever your monthly fix is a few weeks late. And yes, we know we’re overdue to release an episode of everyone’s favorite comicbook podcast. Fear not, true believers! Ben and josh will be back “in studio” on Tuesday and a new episode will be headed your way by week’s end. And while we have taken a longer-than-usual break between episodes, we haven’t been resting on our laurels.  In fact, we’ve been hard at work on some exciting new features here on

Here’s what’s new…

Podcast Archive
We’ve completely overhauled the podcast page which now features a complete archive of past episodes including a link to the original blog post, a link to purchase books mentioned in each episode and best of all, a convenient embedded audio player so you can listen to each show without leaving the page. Want to hear the first Newbie Book Report? Wondering who Josh’s 2008 villain of the year was? Looking for our interview with Frank Quitely? It’s all collected in one place and easily accessible!

Help support the Near Mint Comic Show when you shop online

Amazon Store
Do you like stuff? Do you like saving money? Do you want to help us cover some of the costs that keep this site up and running? Of course you do. You may have noticed the “buy it” links popping up in articles or the “shop” link in the new episode archive or the not-so-subtle “shop our Amazon store” button on the side of the page. All of those links will take you to our Amazon store where you can get great deals on all the stuff you buy online and a portion of your purchase will go to support the Near Mint Comic Show.  Podcasting ain’t free, folks – and while we’re not planning a pledge drive anytime soon, we don’t mind a little help covering our operating costs. We’ll be populating the store with books we mention on the show or in articles and we may even throw out a great deal on our Facebook page from time to time. But we’ve also made it so you can search the entirety of through our storefront. So whether you’re looking to save a few bucks on the latest Walking Dead trade, or you’re shopping for a new washer and dryer, do us a favor and click our store link first.  You’ll get the same below-retail prices you always find on Amazon, and you’ll be supporting the show in the process. It’s a win-win!

Art Gallery & Video Page
If you take a look at the navigation menu at the top of the page, you’ll notice a couple changes. Gone is the Art Gallery, which we’ve moved to Facebook, where it’s easier for us and you to add convention sketches, pieces of original art etc. If you’ve picked up something awesome or done something yourself, stop by and post it – we’d love to see the gallery grow.  In it’s place on our website, we’ve added a Video page, where we’ve embedded a few of our best video features and a link to more on Vimeo.

Weekly Hit (and Miss) List
Since we know you visit the site religiously and read everything we post, hopefully you’ve been enjoying the Weekly Hit (and Miss) List columns … Ed Brubaker has! Each week, Ben reviews some of the best (and less-than-best) comics he read that week. This feature will continue weekly and may feature some guest columnists from time to time. If you’re interested in being a guest columnist, email us and as always, feel free to comment on the books you’re liking and not liking on our Facebook page.

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