Weekly Hit (and Miss) List: 8/29/2011

by Ben Peirce

In my continuing attempt to provide you the reader/listener with more value for my comic-buying dollar, I thought I’d start a new feature here at nearmintcomicshow.com. The Hit (and Miss) List will be a quick rundown of the best and worst things I read in the last week.  Eligibility has nothing to do with when a book came out, just that it’s something I read in the last week. So watch out – if your book’s out there, it’s fair game!


Rachel Rising #1 | Abstract Studios | Terry Moore (w/a)

Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise, Echo) returns with the first installment of his latest creator-owned series. In Rachel Rising #1 we see a girl (presumably Rachel) rise from a shallow grave in the middle of the woods and return home after being murdered by an unknown assailant.  That’s really all that happens in this first issue which read very quickly.  In fact, the first 9 pages of this 18-page b&w issue are completely silent. This, coupled with a unconventionally abrupt ending leave you scratching your head and flipping back through the pages to see what you missed.  But I think that might be exactly the point.  Moore’s masterful storytelling has us scanning the pages and scouring his detailed linework in search of answers to what looks to be a slowly-unraveling mystery.

Amazing Spider-Man #665 | Marvel | Dan Slott (w), Ryan Stegman (a)

I read a LOT of Amazing Spider-Man this weekend, so it was hard to pick just one, but in the lead up to the big “Spider-Island” event this semi-stand-alone issue stood out.  The story has Betty Brant attacked in a brutal and surprising manner, forcing Peter to confront his arch-nemesis: Spider-Guilt.  The real hero here, though is Ryan Stegman, who channels McFarlane in some absolutely beautiful pages – more please!

Invincible #81 | Image | Robert Kirkman (w), Ryan Ottley (a)

For all the subtlety and sparseness of Rachel Rising this is the complete opposite.  This one packs in the story in true Kirkman fashion.  We get a follow up on a previous plot-line with the return of Powerplex right in the midst of 2 other super-battles.  Things are getting very tough for Mark Grayson and we’re reaping the benefits.  There’s even a cameo by 2 Georgia Sheriff’s Deputy that bear a striking resemblance some zombie apocalypse survivors I know.


FF #7 | Marvel | Jonathan Hickman (w), Greg Tocchini (a)

OK, one was bad enough but this is the 2nd issue in a row which has is detour completely out of the current FF storyline and catch up on what’s been happening with the Inhumans.  In this issue, we fin out how Black Bolt … came back to life? … returned to power?  I don’t really know, and I really don’t care.  My sincere apologies to all the Inhumans fans out there.  I know there are plenty of you and I know they’re important to the greater Marvel mythos.  In fact, I hope that Lockjaw and company get their own monthly title so that you can all enjoy it and they won’t have to take up 2 FULL ISSUES of my FF book.  I’m sorry Mr. Hickman, but dropping 2 issues in a row without a single page, panel or offhanded mention of the book’s main characters is some dirty pool!

OK, there you have it.  I’m going to attempt to make this a weekly feature, which I’m sure I’ll try to slack on – so stay on my ass and give me a hard time if I don’t follow through.  If, from time to time I can’t make it happen, perhaps I’ll tap a guest-blogger or two to fill in.  Dan Larson?  Josh Nason?  Greg Giorgio?  Who wants in?

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