Episode 032 “Top ’10”

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The Grammys are behind us and the Oscars are just around the corner.  We’re right in the heart of awards season and as such, it’s time for the 3rd annual Minty Awards.  In this episode, we roll out the red carpet and send 2010 out in style by naming our favorite comics, creators, characters and more.
We wrap things up with an uncharacteristically-intelligent conversation on the current state of comics and a look ahead to 2011

Listen to find out who Aardvark and Ben picked as their favorites and join us on Facebook to tell us who your winners were in the following categories:

Hero of the Year
Villain of the Year
Team of the Year
*Non-Superhero Character of the Year

Comic Movie of the Year
*Comic TV Show of the Year
Publisher of the Year
*Biggest Disappointment of the Year

Best Colorist
Best Inker
Best Penciler
Best Writer

Best Cover
Best Marvel Title
Best DC Title
Best Creator-Owned Title
Best Graphic Novel and/or Collected Edition
Best Single Issue
Best New Series
Best Mini-Series
Best Ongoing Series

* new category this year

Music in this episode by: Bad City, Kings of Leon, Green Day,
the Beatles

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