Episode 018 – “Spooktacular”

zombie-spidermanJust in time for Halloween, it’s the Near Mint Comic Show Spooktacular! Ok, It actually doesn’t have anything to do with Halloween, but this episode does have terrifying tales of the Baltimore Comic-Con (8:00), a bloodcurdlingly bad interview with Matt Fraction (26:10), talk of the chilling challenge between NYCC and the Big Apple Con (38:44), and a fearsome foray into the field of figure collecting (44:00).

Then after the break, you’ll be petrified by Ben’s big purchase (51:52), We wake the dead with comic talk, including a hair-raising recap of Blackest Night (59:00) and Josh ask a question that will make you quiver (1:37) – “when do you tell a girl that you’re into comics?” It’s enough Near Mint to scare your pants off!

Ben & Josh’s Near Mint Comic Show – Episode 018

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