Episode 014: “Stick Around”

Picture 2There’s strangers in the Comic Cave!  This week, Ben and Josh sit down with Daniel Larson, the creator of Daniel Larson’s Stickman.  Dan tells us all about Stickman and what it’s like to be the writer, penciler, inker, colorist, letterer and publisher of the weekly web comic.  Later, we talk comics and comic book movies. We ponder the blacklisting of the Punisher’s skull. Josh professes his love for Godzilla.  And Ben takes the training wheels of his wife’s comic reading.  

Additional Show Notes:

– After further research it was determined that Joe Sinnott, not Herb Trimpe, was the lonely Ghost Rider creator at the NY Comic Con

– You can check out Daniel Larson’s Stickman at circlecomics.com and you can meet Dan and Ben and Josh at the upcoming Granite Con, May 31 in Manchester, NH 

Ben & Josh’s Near Mint Comic Show – Episode 014

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