Ben’s away, so Josh will play!

Hi all – our own Ben Peirce is currently in London, England, for a week visiting friends and touring the great U.K. with his wife Jen. So while he’s away, I’m taking over here for the week.

– If you’re a fan of Ben’s and live in England, give him a shout out at his Twitter feed (@benpeirce), will ya? What should he do? Where should he go? What comics-related craziness can he get in?

– Did you listen to part one of the our New York Comic Con wrap? Part two is coming this week!

– A big shout out and thanks to Double Midnight Comics who gave us some props in their weekly email blast. If you’re in southern New Hampshire, do make sure to stop by this Manchester-based shop…you won’t regret it!

– I think we have a winner for our Phil Jimenez question from the NYCC con wrap. It’ll be announced on our next p’cast.

– And I’ve finally read issue one of Wanted. I think I’m really going to like the rest of this series (the crowd goes duh!).

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