Episode 010 – “DeCONpression” (Part 1)

We’re back from the New York Comic Con and we have more to talk about than we can contain within a single episode!

In part one of our New York Comic Con debriefing, we recount the events of the weekend, taking you the listener along for the ride.  You’ll ride with us on the shuttle bus, sit next to us at the panels and hold our place in line at Artist Alley.  You’ll hear how Ben spent all of Friday standing in one place, find out what pissed off Josh enough to start a podcasting turf war and you’ll cringe as we stalk Jim McCann with a Near Mint Valentine.

You’ll even get a chance to win an autographed comic if you can tell us why Phil Jimenez’s Spider-Man wears a tiara.

All this excitement and it’s just the first half of our post-Con-versation!

In the soon-to-be released Part II, we take shots at the Marvel and DC booths, bitch about the bitching about the price of comics, we examine the implications of digital comics and comic cliques and Ben comes to grips with just how many books he’s buying.  Stay tuned, true believers!

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These NYCC’09 sketches will be on display in the Near Mint Art Gallery:

X23 by Mike Choi

To see all our pics from the convention, visit our web album.



Green Lantern by Mike Norton
Spider Sense by Coleen Coover
Spider Sense by Coleen Coover
Spider-Man by Leinil Yu
Spider-Man by Leinil Yu


Spidey by Phil Jimenez (top) and Mike McKone (bottom)
Spidey by Phil Jimenez (top) and Mike McKone (bottom)

One thought on “Episode 010 – “DeCONpression” (Part 1)”

  1. Jimenez’s Spidey wears a tiara because either it’s a tribute to Wonder Woman (which Jimenez also wrote and illustrated) or he’s trying to make Spiderman even more homosexual than a man already wearing full body spandex.

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