Bendis gives his own “Best of ’08”

bmb1Arguably the most powerful writer in comics today, Brian Michael Bendis did a JinxWorld post and updated his Myspace yesterday with his recap of his 2008. There’s not much newsworthy here, but I thought it was kinda cool. Here it is below in original form:

“As we come to an end of another broadcast year here at jinxworld,I find myself very happy about a great many things…

As some know, my wife and I travelled all the way to Adis Ababa to get our daughter Sabrina, followed by her incredible year here in America.

Probably the happiest baby on the planet earth. My now bilingual six year old who is so in love with me for buying her a Nintendo DS for Hanuka, and her almost savant abilities on rock band 2.  

My wife who, just last night, looked over to me at dinner with big eyes of love… like we just met.

The outstanding job the mods did on the Jinxworld board this year, except grunwald, who thinks she’s modding a mini marvels board.

my pals david and mike, one who, after all these years, lives close enough to visit and one who has been hanging out here in casa bendis almost all winter. i think mack’s going to move here finally, I’m pretty hopeful.

alex maleev and i starting on two new endevours so far beyond our already lofty goals in this medium that we actually made the cover of wizard this spring.

SI not tanking creatively or commercially.

yu exceeding my high expectations… except the wandering howard the duck cameos

and i actually got paid money to work with stuart immomen, deo, cheung, gaydos, the tan, the pham, hickman, posner, martin, white, jr jr and so many others…


i got to start cooking the creator owned projects and some yummi goods for next year with fraction and chaykin.

the marvel machine continuing to make comics the way they should be made… with care and love first, marketing second.

joey q continues to be a man of his word. tom b had my back all year… and i don’t make it easy. see NA 50.

working on the marvel FCBD comic with cheung that is so beautiful it really should not be free. i think marvel went a little crazy here and i love it.

the fact that there is over a 100 pages of bagley usm comics you still haven’t seen. giggle.

the original beatles of nazi zombie killing (fraction, remender, brandon and me) got to level 18 and we have 25 in us. chuck bb is our yoko.

this jinxworld board continues it’s unleavened streak as one of these most powerful forces in all of funny books, i continue to annoy all the right people, howard stern did a great year of broadcasts, twitter, i got a great pile of DVD award screeners, the powers pilot is in a very heanthy place, i am back in the video game business, maybe a torso movie, maybe not… i’m all ‘alan moore, don’t care’ at this point, i discovered how to make my own chik fil a, indy 4, the charlie kauphman movie, seeing two mamets and one sorkin play on broadway, sno caps, mike and taki’s glowing happiness, powers hardcovers at the printer, american flagg hardcover, my alienware notebook, our seahorse that my daughter named lilu multipass (yes she is that cool) and COD WAW.

and i have all my fingers and toes.”

And make sure you vote in our Best of ’08 poll. Have your ballooned voice heard!

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