Newsarama’s Comic of the Year: two options? That’s it?

It’s that time of year for ‘Best Of’ lists and various awards and a post I saw upon a quick view of Newsarama shocked me

Wrong 'Comic of the Year'.
Wrong 'Comic of the Year'.

a bit. They are asking readers to vote on Comic Book of the Year, along with Comic Movie of the Year. Normally, I would have no problem with this, but that’s why I said ‘normally’.

Putting movies aside for a minute, think of all the comic titles that came out in 2008. Then, take out the bad ones. Then, take out the good ones. What you’re left with are probably a group of great ones. Depending on what you like, it could be five or even 10. Regardless, I think it’s safe to say that there are probably a group of titles that fans could choose from.

Care to guess how many titles they are having people choose from? (Well, you probably know by reading the title of this post, but…) Two. That’s it. And the two options are Marvel’s Secret Invasion and DC’s Final Crisis. Huh? That’s it? Really?

Those faithful listeners of our podcast know that I don’t read a ton of books, but I understand enough to know there are a hell of a lot more than two books that should be under consideration for Comic of the Year. (By the way, they also gave fans just two options for Movie of the Year as well: The Dark Knight and Iron Man.)

What do you think is the best comic or comic series of the year? Let us know, will ya?

One thought on “Newsarama’s Comic of the Year: two options? That’s it?”

  1. Wow – that’s pretty lame. I’m not sure what I would pick for comic of the year but I’m fairly sure it wouldn’t be either one of those. I smell a “Best of 2008” show in our very near future!

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