Baltimore Con News: Slott’s new gig, Bendis/Kirkman debate, Ultimate Wolverine/Hulk

Some newsbits out of this past weekend’s Baltimore Comic-Con for you… (Some comic fan I am…I was in Baltimore flying and out of BWI after speaking at a conference Saturday and had no idea the Con was going on. Damn it!!!)

News on a public Bendis/Kirkman debate, who is taking over on Mighty Avengers and another Mark Millar project going to the big screen after the jump…

-Bendis and Kirkman have public debate: Not exactly a knock-down, drag out but good friends Brian Michael Bendis and Robert Kirkman had a debate about Kirkman’s manifesto, one Ben and I discussed a few weeks on a p’cast. You can read the whole thing here…sounds like a fun session to attend.

-Slott to take over Mighty Avengers: Since Bendis’ announcement that he is leaving Mighty Avengers following issue 20 to pen the new Dark Avengers title, we have been left to ponder who would take over. Wait no longer: long-time Initative scribe Dan Slott will be leaving that book to take over with issue 21. Chris Gage will take over the Initative book.

-The long-talked about Spider Woman: Agent of Sword will debut in March 2009 with Bendis and Alex Maleev on the book.

-Good god! Damon Lindelof has turned in all the scripts for the much-maligned Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk title and that artwork will begin after Secret Invasion. I still haven’t got a straight satisfactory answer as to why this stuff continues to go on. Does it even bother the higher-ups at either major company? It doesn’t seem like it does.

-The Powers series that Bendis mentioned recently on the Word Balloon sessions is coming to FX. No mention of what the start date will be or any actors on the show.

-One of Ben’s favorite books – War Heroes – has been picked up by Sony and will be produced by Michael DeLuca.

-DC responded to the whole All-Star Batman flap by announcing a new review period for books. I’m still confused as to why they would bother lettering swears anyway, but now, those days will be long-gone.

For more coverage, check out Newsarama. They did a nice job, as always, of wrapping everything up.

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